What Readers Have to Say about “An Uncommon Life”

“An Uncommon Life is an extraordinary story, told with remarkable simplicity and honesty of heart. I couldn’t put it down! I felt as if you took me into your family and let me dance with your daughter, and I was both enraptured and humbled.

“Thank you for letting your children live free to be themselves and pursue their dreams! Instead of leaving the reader with the loss of a beautiful, brilliant Artist, your story of Cedar reminds us of the everlasting nature of life’s spirit itself.” –D.J. Houston, Author of Havenwood Tales

“An Uncommon Life is beautifully written. Smooth and polished and inviting. I was hooked from the beginning.  Merry Rosenfield certainly doesn’t live an ordinary life but it sure is an interesting one – including the small flaws and hiccups. And Cedar.  What a gal.  The drawings are wonderful.  Major wonderful.  She was talented indeed.  I cried at the end. I didn’t know if I would but the waterworks just turned on.” – Leslie Silton, Poet

An Uncommon Life is a perfect title for this heartfelt memoir. Ms. Rosenfield is a captivating and courageous storyteller as she effectively intertwines heartwarming stories with some of the seemingly unbearable challenges her life has delivered. She is clearly a pro at looking on the bright side of things and I applaud and admire her willingness to share her story. I would relish reading the sequel!” – Dr. Nancy Kay, best selling author of Speaking for Spot

“Cedar Rosenfield was an artist: a writer, an actress and a fine artist. The relationship between this extraordinary young woman and her mother is the story of An Uncommon Life. Life is not always fair. But surviving its ups and downs and challenges, is really what this book is all about.” -Bruce Wiseman, Author

“You have an ability to draw in your readers, sharing your most personal moments from long ago, as if they happened yesterday.” – Laura Sherman, Free-lance writer, chess teacher.

“An Uncommon Life is a story that each one of us should read, whether we have suffered the loss of a child or not. This story is filled with art, with passion, with vitality and with a message that is as important as every moment of every day that we have.” -Laurie Anspach, artist

“If I were a betting man, I’d be buying the movie rights!” – Peter Glickman, author

Each Chapter Begins with One of Cedar’s Drawings

“My Book……..Recapturing Joy”

My book, An Uncommon Life, is our family’s story. I doubt it ever would have been written without the tragic loss of our daughter. I believe her years on earth were not just worthwhile, but extraordinary. Sharing Cedar’s art beyond my family, I hope readers can take heart and persevere no matter the barriers they may face in their own attempts at living a creative life. Cedar’s story is one of great delight, unexpected tragedy and the eventual, surprising recapturing of joy.

Celebrating Cedar’s Life

My three grandchildren have learned something about their Aunt Cedar by watching the movies she adored; classic films from the 1920s through the 1950s. On what would have been Cedar’s 34th birthday, we gathered to enjoy Singin’ in the Rain. Little Cassidy jumped off the couch to dance a wild version of the famous“Make em Laugh” routine, evoking howls of enthusiastic laughter from his two older sisters.

Someday my grandkids will read An Uncommon Life; but for now Cedar’s legacy includes amusing her nieces and her nephew through the humor and art that she loved.